Increasing Mastery Rank

Mastery Points

To increase Mastery Rank, a player must earn Mastery Points through the following methods:

  • Ranking Weapons, Sentinel weapons, and Archwing weapons will earn 100 mastery points for each rank gained up to Rank 30 for a total of 3,000.
    • While Weapons do include Zaws and Kitguns, modular weapons of those types must be ranked up to 30, gilded at their respective vendors, then ranked up again to award mastery points.
    • Certain special weapons can exceed Rank 30 and these weapons will continue to grant 100 mastery points for each additional level until they reach their max, such as BallasSword Paracesis and Kuva Bramma Kuva Bramma.
  • Ranking Warframes, Companions, Archwings, and K-Drives will earn 200 mastery points for each rank gained up to Rank 30 for a total of 6,000.
    • Though modular in nature, unlike Zaws and Kitguns, K-Drives do not require gilding to be able to award mastery points.
  • Clearing the main objective of any Mission node for the first time and extracting will grant a predetermined number of mastery points (Map progress can be viewed in the general stats in the profile menu).
  • Victory against the opponent frame in a Junction grants 1,000 mastery points.
  • Each rank of a Railjack’s Intrinsics grants 1,500 mastery points.

Take note that each individual equipment will only grant its mastery points once per variant; polarization or selling a Rank 30 equipment and then purchasing & reusing it will not grant mastery points again, including in the event that a copy of already max-ranked equipment is obtained and used. If equipment below max rank are sold, then purchased and reused, only the ranks previously not gained will grant mastery points.

Variants of original equipment count as a different equipment for mastery ranking; MK1, Prime, Syndicate, Vandal, Wraith, Prisma, the MaraDetron Mara Detron, and Akimbo/Dual variants. For example, Braton Braton, Braton MK1-Braton, BratonVandal Braton Vandal, and PrimeBraton Braton Prime are all considered different weapons, each with their own set of mastery points, with a total of 12,000 mastery points for fully ranking all four weapons. The same goes for different breeds of same-species Companion such as Chesa Kubrow, Raksa Kubrow, and Helminth Charger. Completing missions in The Steel Path also awards mastery that is separate from normal missions and Junctions.

Excess mastery points are not lost if a player reaches the amount required to advance a rank – these will automatically fill the next mastery bar, displayed only once the player has succeeded on the rank-up test.

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